London is a city with nearly 9 million people. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the world, with nearly half coming from a black or Asian background, and 40.6% not being born in the United Kingdom. Its median age is 35.

During the last local elections, Conservatives lost Wandsworth, Westminster, and my hometown Barnet council. These losses confirmed to me something that I had forecasted over a decade ago, which I wrote about in my first book and in various media outlets: That a period of modernisation of a different sort would have to emerge for the Conservatives.

Graduates, minority groups, and others less positive about the Conservative brand have begun to move into historically Conservative voting areas due to both social mobility and the need for more affordable accommodation. The Brexit referendum has also contributed to a need for a reset in the capital. Safe seats are becoming marginal, and marginal seats are becoming difficult to hold.

The solution is not to dispose of our values, but to change the methods of engagement and to have an inspiring narrative that will have broad appeal. My unique selling point, and what will be at the centre of my campaign, is the theme that my story is a typical Londoners story.

I am standing to be the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

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